Vacation Wax    175

Nose                10

Bikini Line           35

Male Brazilian      55

Brazilian Facial 10

Chest                    30

Nape Area          10

Butt-Strip             15

Buttocks               30

Arm(half)            20

Toes                   8

Leg(full)               50

Sideburns          10

 Ears                 10 

Hands               8

Our trademark motto, “No Double Dipping,” was coined because every step in the waxing process matters and we educate our clients.
Your sensitive skin is a sensitive issue to us. 
In The City Wax Studio aims to provide a safe body and mind experience

Shoulders             10

Management: Coach Hartman

445 Windy Hill Rd. Suite 221- Marietta, G.A. 30060


Stomach             30

Brazilian Facial is a skin care service which includes an eucalyptus mask and toner designed to cleanse and soften skin, unclogged pores, and prevent ingrown hair bumps.

Men Services

Includes Male Brazilian, full legs, chest, back, underarms, and stomach (Retail 205$)

Underarms         10

Back                     30

Arm(full)             30

Eyebrows          10

Full Face          20

 Leg(half)              30

Cheeks               8